Ithemba Lethu provides extra tutoring in primary and high school in mathematicis, science and life science (Grades 6 to 12). Ithemba Lethu helps learners improve their academic understanding and school results through the following programmes:

  1. Primary School Programme: This programme currently provides 3 hourly sessions per week for 30 to 35 weeks in a school year. It operates at 11 schools through the areas we operate and we focus on grades 6 and 7. We currently have 1 047 learners enrolled this year.
  2. High School Programme: This programme currently provides weekly Saturday class (3 hours) in mathematics, physical science and life science for 30 to 35 weeks in a school year. It currently operates at the LEAP 1 campus in Langa where it serves 300 students from approximately 30 schools.
  3. Matric Rewriting Programme: This programme currently provides a full year programme for 45 students who have either failed matric or fail to gain a diploma or bachelor pass due to mathematics, mathematical literacy, physical science, life science and accounting. Classes are run 6 hours a day for 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) at premises in Oude Molen Eco Village. We aim to increase our enrolment to 60 learners in 2017.
  4. Langa Computer Facility:  We maintain a fully equipped computer laboratory in Zone 17, Langa which provides ICT skills training to Grade 7 and high school learners.  We also offer a three day a week programme in Maths and Science using the IXL and Khan Academy platforms as well as free computer literacy classes for adults in the community.

These programmes have had tremendous impact both in terms of our numbers and on the learners themselves. We have achieved pass rates between 90 and 95% for our Primary School programme and 75% for our Matric Rewriting programme.