zintle.pngMy name is Zintle Mcoseli. I studied at Ithemba Lethu Learning Centre in the Matric Rewriting programme in 2011. The programme was the door to me getting to UCT. The teachers were brilliant. When I joined the programme in March 2011, I didn’t have much confidence in my maths skills, but it improved in each class with Mr Sayi. He always motivated us to practice regularly until we got something right. And I did! Soon I felt like I had the ability to solve each and every problem. I began loving Mathematics and I was able to get a 79% at the end of the year. I am now in University of Cape Town doing BCom Finance and Economics.

Leigh Ramage.pngMy name is Leigh Ramage. In 2015 I decided to redo my Mathematics and Physical Sciences subjects and hopefully improve my results in these 2 subjects, as they were the reason I could not gain entrance into university. It was a fruitless struggle trying to gain entrance into university, all the courses I was interested in required results higher than what I had achieved. I heard about Ithemba Lethu Learning Centre rewriting programme at the beginning of 2015 and suddenly I felt hopeful again. I have never looked back since then; I was inspired daily by our teachers Mr Albert and Mr Rogers. They made the subjects I found intimidating more understandable because of all the effort they had put in to help us. I was surprised at how things started making sense. They made the impossible possible and I will always be grateful towards them as well as Mr Sammy who patiently helped me apply to different universities. Throughout Learning Centre I passed my maths with 60% and Physical Science with 62%. This year I am enrolled in Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and doing my first year in my Bachelors Degree in Radiography in Diagnostics.